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We cover Warrington area and also offer our domestic removals services in Malpas, Middlewich, Winsford, Chester, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Northwich, Sandbach, Runcorn, Dukinfield, Sale, Stockport, Alderley Edge, Cheadle, Warrington, Crewe, Tarporley, Widnes, Hyde, Altrincham, Congleton, Nantwich, Lymm, Stalybridge, Warrington and surrounding towns.

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11th December, 2013

Our recent experience -September 2013 :London to Malaga .


These Complaints pertain specifically to the experiences with the London team of packers .

THE SPANISH team of packers /removalists guys were excellent ,quick , efficient , friendly , would go the extra-mile .

Therefore, although there was a few mishaps of broken lighting , dents and scratches to walls &furniture , we were so impressed by their manner and way of working that we overlooked this.

Unfortunately ,also to Julea ,who ,although sounding very nice & while trying to be accommodating, failed to resolve or deal with the issues experienced and resolve our losses and did not deal with the issue professionally .

"Re-move-alls "with Roy Trevor Removals:

An experience that re-moved: irreplaceable precious items,

"re-moved" more cash

than quoted ,

"re-moved "literally and figuratively "due to inadequate planning .

"re-moved" an idea of professional and family values so heavily marketed by the company .

A Roy Trevor Removals (aka -Moving Matters SL))experience that CANNOT & will not be removed from our minds .

Issues encountered:

Quote and Packing :

:On requesting a quote :

quote was given online .When I requested a visit to assess ,

Roy Trevor Removals(female named Julea) advised me that they were unable to visit my home to do a quote as it "was too out of the way "they were in North England area .

This was stated after I accepted an online preliminary quote

Result :

a)We ended up paying almost triple from initial quote .

b)A smaller truck was sent out .

c)Only x2guys sent out to pack-when was initially advised 3-4 .

Packing extended to x2 days ,instead of x1 day as promised .

5)guys taking "long "lunch & "smoke "breaks .

I think in the end they lost interest and were bored and just wanted to go home- resulting in delays and poor professionalism /packing .

6)insuffcient packing material.

(How can removalist come out to do a job with no little packing material ??)

This is what I was told when I noticed some items were not wrapped protectively and questioned it .

When they had left we discovered roles of bubble wrap and paper as well as some boxes left behind ??

Where did these come from and why had we been advised that they had "no more space "when we could see space in the truck & later discovered the discarded wrapping .

Incomplete packing:

As a result of "no space "in removal truck as truck that was sent was "too small"

furniture items had to be left behind.

On my request for them to make arrangements later that day or the next day or even 2days later , they were unable to offer this as "they were unsure "if they would have other work in the area to warrant collecting the rest of my items .

It became my problem I had to sort .

This indicated :

poor pre-planning .

If they were such "professionals " would not a quick assessment (which they had requested on arrival )indicated more packing materials & a larger truck were required ?

When they eventually realised that the truck would not be big enough why did they not have alternative plans.

Damaged items :

1.Glassware /dinnerware inadequately wrapped (no bubble wrap but wrapped in paper )

2.16-17th century Chinese screen , damaged as was NOT wrapped at all even after specific request to males packing ,to wrap protectively & after explaining importance and value of screen.

3.Standing Lamp/stand /wooden broken .

4.Teak table scratched and "chipped"

Missing items :

glass table tops x2

fax machine

games and dvd's

Wooden large almost 1m sitting Budha

some shoes only have x1 shoe

As a result of the delay &lack of pace in the truck ,

,:I was left with having to make alternative arrangements for collection&storage which resulted in extreme inconvenience & further costs as the premises needed to be vacated before they could return .

1-2 weeks after they were supposed to have collected everything , this was still not done as they "did not have a truck in the area ."

When collection was eventually arranged after many telephone calls made to them and no follow-up communication "voluntarily "from them ,some items were left behind.

At this stage it was communicated to us by Julea that she had been "advised "by the UK team ,that "items " (paintings and a bed )had been damaged due to being "left out in the rain".

When I had expressed my concerns about the service she stated that they were NOT their people but another company .

This then brings us to question the advertising /marketing


?/Blame conferred and/or pre-empted ?

When items were delivered to us in Spain,(x2 mths later ) ,I was in London , therefore ,was not present to accept delivery and check boxes and individual items .

On my return to Spain,

when checking for the screen , I discovered the damage and was shocked to note:

a) that after specific instructions and requests to the guys at the time of packing and while on the telephone to Julea (to advise her of the problem regarding the lack of packing material and lack of space ),the screen had never been in any sort of protective cover or wrapping .

The guys were refusing to even pack the items for someone else to collect as they stated they" did not feel it necessary to pack as then this would mean that "they would have to take responsibility for any damages ".

this issue was advised to Julea as well .The guys spoke with her on the telephone and then drove off WITHOUT PACKING THE REST OF THE ITEMS AND WITHOUT ADVISING WHEN THEY WOULD BE BACK .

I advised Julea that they had driven off .She sounded shocked that they had done this and stated that she would get back to me ,which she did not until I called requesting information on when they would arrange to collect the rest of the stuff .

So my question -who was supposed to pack if they were contracted to pack "

b)many items marked fragile were not wrapped in bubble wrap .

c)some large boxes contained just x2 unbreakable lampshades &nothing else which used up space unnecessarily .

d) clothes had not been folded but placed on "hangers" to hang in large x1 boxes standing upright , which then ensured :

larger boxes , bigger space required , more costs .

When Julea was advised by e-mail of my experience and the damages ,

her response after about 1-2 weeks was that it was "outside " the time period to submit a claim to the insurer but as a "gesture of goodwill" she would refund �100.00.

As I have been gradually opening boxes etc and did not open everything in x1 week ,damaged items have been discovered as boxes were opened . (this has not been within the 1wk time period as we also did not anticipate breakages and damages .

We have taken photo's of damages etc as we unpacked as just seeing the way things were packed we knew would be difficult to not only show but hard to believe from a "professional company in business for ?? 90 yrs .

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