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    Moving house is an exciting time and is often associated with relocation for a better job and betterment for the family. Sometimes a move means a step up in the property. However, no matter what the circumstances are, there are what I call positive stresses involved with the house move. Again, there are many phases within this whole process, namely choosing property, arranging survey, mortgage application, possible dangers of being gazumped (if you are living in England and Wales) and last but not least the physical move itself which is commonly termed as removal. All phases are equally important. However, in the context of this article, we shall focus our attention on the removal.

    This article is a small contribution to try and alleviate unnecessary anxieties associated with the removal. Majority of the possible hurdles and pitfalls are covered. However, if any situation and advice not covered by this article, the readers may log into www.theremoval.com to find out more or may be worthwhile making a call their advisory line 07827442829.

    Initial Actions

    When there is a clear indication that contract exchange is imminent or you have selected a rental property it is worthwhile visiting a removal comparison websites. There are about five or six such sites in the market. Amongst them is www.theremoval.com. This facilitates receiving 4 to 5 removal companies in your local area. Please ensure that you provide comprehensive details of the goods you wish to move with you, go through room by room and list items. Do not forget to include items in the loft, garage, and conservatory. Also ensure that all your garden items and workshop tools are listed.


    Visiting website such as www.theremoval.com will ensure that all companies vying for your work have equal data as the information received by removal companies is disseminated from one source, i.e. the information you registered with the website. When comparing quotes, you need to ensure that all aspects are covered such as insurances, parking permits, access to the property, goods-in-transit, just to name a few. Please remember that quotation is your draft contract with the removal company. In relation to the whole cycle of moving, you will have at least quotations just before the exchanging of the contract.  Some companies may wish to visit to survey the goods. It is often a good idea to accept the offer of a visit. You are well advised to make sure that Removal Company is aware of all your belongings. Clearly tell them about the packing options and ask for quotation separately. The Removal.com website offers packing material at discounted rates. Click on packing option when visiting www.theremoval.com.



    When making comparisons over the quotations received from the potential removal companies, please ensure that insurances are adequately covered. Your goods while being packed may well be covered by the household insurance or content insurance. You need to be fully aware of this. You need to make sure that removal companies cover you during transit. This is known as the Good-in-Transit insurance. Majority of the companies registered with the Removal.com will have the Goods-in-Transit in any case but it is worth making sure.


    Normally at the point of contract exchange, the completion date is more or less known. Similarly, for rental contract the date is defined at the point of paying deposit. Once that happens, it is advisable to select a removal company of your choice and confirm the removal date. Majority of the companies take some deposit at the time of confirmation. You are well advised to ensure all is confirmed at least 7-10 days prior to the actual date. Make sure that the removal company confirms in writing and that you have signed up the confirmation with them. You will be then guaranteed that your removal company is available. Leaving the decision to choose your removal company too late, means that they may be fully booked on the day you require and you will be stuck. You will find that contractually you are obliged to vacate the property on the day of completion. Please ensure that you keep your chosen company fully informed of any changes.

    One important issue with regard to moving is to ensure that you have keys available at the property you are moving into. Otherwise, removal companies are entitled to charge for waiting time.


    There are two ways you can achieve packing. Majority of removal companies offer packing together with supplying material. The Removal.com itself has this facility for those visitors, wishing to buy the packing material for self packing. If you choose to self pack then it is good idea to pack non essential items at least a fortnight before the removal date. Kitchen items need particular attention. Packing is a big subject and cannot be possibly covered in this write up. Please pick up useful tips in our article titled as Removal Packing by clicking www.theremoval.com.

    Gas, Electricity and Water

    It is important that your gas, electricity and water supplying companies are informed at least a week prior to the removal date. Please ensure that you have the final meter readings of these utilities.


    Telephone, TV Licence and Internet

    Normally telephone and internet companies require one month notice for termination of their contract. It may be worthwhile advising them of the termination at the contract exchange point. Please also ensure that you advise the TV Licensing Authority about your move.

    Post Diversion

    It is advisable to make arrangements for any post delivered at your old property is sent to your new address. You can arrange that with the Post Office or make informal arrangements with the people moving into your old property.

    The above write up gives just a few removal tips. If you require any further help, please visit www.theremoval.com or call us on 07827442829. We will be happy to provide further assistance.


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