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Profile Of Sunrise Movers

We cover Belvedere area and also offer our domestic removals services in , Belvedere and surrounding towns.

Sunrise Movers Reviews

There are currently 26 published reviews for Sunrise Movers.

Have never been so angry in my life 1 out of 5 Star Full Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty

13th July, 2014

Not only they arrived 1.5 hour late, but nobody from the main office bothered letting me know. I started calling the office at 830 am and nobody answered me until 1030 am. The staff arrived without the needed tools or trolleys, despite the fact I called the day before to make sure they were prepared. My stuff didn't fit their truck so they had to do two trips, ending the job at 11 pm. Nobody from the main office bothered apologising for the service, all they cared was that I paid full price.

The service has been incredibly poor even though the guys who did the move were helpful and nice. It is the main office who has let me down big times and I would not suggest them to my worst enemy.

Moving is stressful, they made it a nightmare.

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Unauthorised use of credit card 1 out of 5 Star Full Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty

12th July, 2014

While unloading my front door glass was broken. At the end of the day I agreed with the removal men that I would pay the £200.00 and keep a deposit of £100 until the door is fixed. Both men agreed with me. A couple of days latter unauthorised transaction was made using my credit card details, total amount of £550.00 was charged to credit card. This transaction appeared on my credit card statement on the 31 March 2014. At that point I did not have any knowledge of the above £550 transaction.My bank contacted me about the unauthorised transaction. Since then I attempted by e-mails & numerous telephone calls to get my money back but no luck. As a last resort I have taken the matter to the County Court. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT DETAILS TO THIS COMPANY. MY CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED USING THE NAME OF FIRST NATIONWIDE REMOVALS. PLEASE DO NOT USE EITHER COMPANY.

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Do not use! 1 out of 5 Star Full Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty

30th May, 2014


Had a number of issues during the day, made more complicated by only one of the removal men speaking English at all. They left stuff at the (old) property and didn't rehang doors they'd removed and in general were quite slap dash, especially as it got later and they clearly wanted to get away. They were unable to get a sofa into my lounge so I had to pay £170 the next day to solve it.

But all that is pretty minor, the MAIN problem is that they also took my laptop. Obviously I have to be careful how I word this, but they definitely removed it from my old address and it never arrived at my new address, and I have contacted the police about it. Read into that what you will.....

I have given Sunrise ample opportunity to deal with this, but having called them 3-5 times a day for a week and still not had a call back I'm now not expecting to. I also don't expect that they will be using their insurance to compensate me, I would imagine they'll just continue to be unreachable until I go away.

Moving house is stressful enough without having to be worried about your things being stolen by the "professionals" you are paying to assist you. For me, the worse thing about it is that I have 3 years worth of pictures and video of my children that I can never get back.

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Charged VAT and never provided a VAT invoice 1 out of 5 Star Full Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty

18th May, 2014

I was worried before the move. The main phone number was never answered and just went to an answering machine whatever the time of day. Even the mobile went to the answering machine. No one ever called back.I was surprised therefore on the day of the move that they turned up at all, early in fact as their earlier job had been cancelled, as I was about to do with mine as it was impossible to get hold of anyone.The move was OK. Not exactly professional but as there was little to move there was little to go wrong. I would not have felt confident trusting Sunrise Movers with valuable or delicate items. One man was constantly talking on the phone or texting leaving the other man and very often me to move the goods. When we arrived at the destination I was told I had to pay the balance of GBP 200 out of a total of GBP 225 in cash and a VAT receipt would be emailed to me in minutes.It never was and despite chasing them about half a dozen times they have never sent the receipt, so it seems they are charging and pocketing the VAT.I have threatened to report them and will do so.

For all of this I do not recommend this firm.

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London to South Wales 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

9th March, 2014

Initial survey was thorough and conducted very professionally.

The price quoted was not the cheapest of the three quotes I received, but I felt confident in their ability by the way they communicated with me.

I elected to pack myself and the packing materials were delivered in plenty of time to allow me to pack. There was more than enough packaging delivered and it was of good quality.

On the removal day, they were a few minutes late, yet loaded and departed one hour and 15 minutes prior to the deadline.

The handling of my boxes and furniture was efficient and due care was taken of all of my furniture and goods. Equally, the unloading at the destination was carried out quickly and efficiently with no fuss whatsoever.

The removers, were good natured, happy and considerate. The whole moving experience was excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.

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Disastrous house sale but easy move 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

3rd November, 2013

Well the property sale was the most difficult and stressful thing I have ever experienced in my life, problems with land search, survey, solicitors and mortgage. However we finally reached the moving day at long last. Was actually dreading the move, because with all the other problems we had, I just thought I couldn’t take more drama. I’m so incredibly happy that it was the least stressful part of the move, thought we were not going to be able to get the sofa out, but the staff wriggled it around and it came out without any problem. Thank you very much.

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Speedy move for a good price 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

29th October, 2013

We had lots of furniture to dismantle to get it out of the house, but unfortunately it took longer than expected and the lorry arrived before we had finished, but luckily the movers helped us and actually didn’t charge for the extra assistance. If they had not have helped I think we would have been late vacating the property, so that the new buyers would have been waiting outside. The price they charged was good and a seamless service on the moving day was an enormous relief.

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Kept us busy all day 4 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty

18th September, 2013

When we were looking for the people to help us with the big move, we needed to make sure that they were free for the whole of the day, as there was a lot that needed to be done. Luckily we managed to find this company who put the whole of the day aside for us, and it was one of the best experiences that we have ever had.

They did an awful lot for us, possibly more than we had even expected, and they couldn't have been more helpful with everything that needed to be done.

At the end of the day we didn't feel stressed at all, which is unusual for a moving day, but we know that this is thanks to the people who helped us. We would fully recommend them to anybody who should be looking for a company in this area.

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Moving from three houses to one! 4 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty

23rd August, 2013

Today, we had to make the move to our new home. I was moving into a big house with my sisters, and because of this there were things from three different homes that needed to be taken. We thought that this might phase the removal men, but it absolutely didn't.

They worked out a great route to mean that we were able to get it all done in one day, when we thought that we would probably have to do it over a couple of days, and were in the new house in time for supper.

It's not often that you find people who are as helpful as all this, but we struck lucky here. I will be telling all of my friends about them, and if they need anybody to help them with a move, they will know where to do.

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Tiny move but all very fast! 4 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty

7th August, 2013

We weren't moving very far, in fact it was just my son's furniture that was being taken from the family home into his new flat. Our car isn't anywhere near big enough to fit all of his things in, so we thought that we should hire a company to do everything for us.

We rang them and asked whether they would be able to be free in the afternoon, and they immediately said that they would be able to help us out. I thought that the cost was incredibly reasonable, considering that there were two men who helped us with the move.

My son is settled in his new flat now and he is very happy with the home comforts that were moved in with him. Thanks to "A Better Move" they made everything very easy.

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Excellent guidance for clueless movers! 4 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty

15th July, 2013

This was the first time that we had moved since being married, and when we bought this house we had to buy all of the furniture so we had nothing to move in. We didn't really know anything about it, but the removal company were more than happy to guide us through everything that needed to be done. This was helpful, as we literally had no clue what to do about it.

The day came and went without a hitch, and we are now in our new home with all of our furniture placed and ready to be used and enjoyed. We're happy that we used this company, as we doubt that any other company would have been able to make this move as stress free as it turned out to be.

We're more than happy with the result, and would be happy to recommend this company if asked.

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Moving from Rayleigh to Ilford 4 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty

30th May, 2013

This was a very descent move really, we were very concerned about some of our belongings. We have some precious art work that if it had been damaged I would have been devastated. Although these were not collectable or valuable to art collectors, they have significant value to us. We wrapped them as best we could but their safe journey was actually down to the moving staff. They kept them completely safe as well as all of our other things. Everything went to plan and we actually were all moved in very easily.

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What an easy company to book 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

19th April, 2013

We have really been through it with our house sale, and at the last moment the sale chain broke down. This caused us and everyone else involved to have to amend our moving services, we felt incredibly lucky when this moving company made the changes very easy for us. They were quite sympathetic and very understanding and seemed to actually do all that they could to help us find a way to get things back on track. Once they had arrived to collect, they worked very quickly and had no issues with difficult to handle furniture. Thank you very much.

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2 bedroom flat move 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

31st March, 2013

We moved from our two bed to a three bedroom house because we are expecting a new baby. Obviously I was limited in what I could do physically so a reliable moving company was really essential.

I was a little worried, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were friendly, chatty and most importantly, very well organised and efficient. We had four strong lads to help us move our most precious belongings and furniture. There was no damage at all and everything arrived at the new house safely. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wishing to move in the area. Thanks Mack Removals!

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Storage unit move 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

16th March, 2013

I had to move the entire contents of my two bedroomed flat into storage because I had to move abroad for a few months. A.s.a.p really put my mind at ease from the first discussion about the job. I was worried at first because of the fact that I have a few things which are of sentimental value to me. I was worried about them being misplaced or manhandled by clumsy moving men. I need not have worried!They were absolute gentlemen, thoroughly professional at all times and on time. All of my stuff arrived without a scratch and they packed everything neatly into the storage unit for me. Without them, I probably would not have been able to fit it all in. They packed everything professionally and carefully and seemed to know what to put in when so that everything slotted into place. They probably saved me money on another storage unit on top of everything else. Would recommend!

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4 bed move 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

27th February, 2013

My wife and I moved from a large four bedroomed house to a six bedroomed house in order to accommodate our rapidly expanding family. We have a lot of precious belongings as well as some pretty expensive antique furniture. The day went well all in all. Four strapping lads arrived early and took a look around the house to decide what to load onto the van first. I was impressed with their organisational skills. They were also polite and friendly, which although not essential, helps smooth things along, making for more of a pleasant experience. Moving is stressful enough without having cold or unfriendly moving men. We met them at our new house and they arrived on time and unloaded everything into the house neatly. I have no complaints really. The only minor issue was some small scratches on an old chair. The scratches occurred as a result of the narrow doors at the new place, so that could not really be helped. All in all, a good experience. Everything arrived in time, with minimal damage and no losses. I would recommend Zed Link to anyone.

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So cheap but absolutely perfect! 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

14th January, 2013

When we heard the price for this quote, we were a bit shocked because it was so much lower than the other quotes we'd got from a few places. We were wary, but with budget tight, we had to opt for this company.

There was no reason at all for us to worry, because everything turned out to be fine, and they helped us through the day as we needed them to. Everything was planned perfectly, the order of loading and unloading the van and how many people each item needed in order to be carried safely.

We were so happy by the end of this, and would certainly never even consider using any other company now that we know how good this one is!

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An emotional experience! 4 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty

21st December, 2012

Having lived in this home for the whole of my life, I always knew that it was going to be hard to be able to leave it. The day came, it had to be done, and as expected I was in tears from start to end.

The removal men were so incredibly helpful, and didn't look at me like I was mad woman (which I probably looked like) and just loaded everything on quickly, and respected the fact that I needed a little time on my own in the house before we set off to the next house.

If everybody was as understandable as this, the world would be a better place, and everyone would be a lot happier.

I have a lot to thank them for, as I am now settled in my new home, comfortable, and ready to live the rest of my life.

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General good moving experience 4 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty

6th December, 2012

We had a good experience with this company. They kept us informed and told us what we needed to do before they arrived and when they got there we didn't have to lift a finger. We had one very minor scratch on a side table that was at the back and they pointed it out, if they hadn't we wouldn't have ever noticed. They offered to have it repaired but we didn't think it was at all necessary. Everything was very easy once they had arrived, the hardest thing was packing before the moving day.

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Little move to our new house 4 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty

28th November, 2012

We booked this firm because they were the best on price and we thought that would mean we would have to muck in, but I'm pleased to say we didn't. They worked quickly but treated our things well, nothing was damaged and the whole job seemed quite effortless for them. They had protective stuff for the more fragile things and everything was packed in the truck quite snug and tight. Thanks for a good moving experience.

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3 bedroom house 4 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty

14th November, 2012

Silver Fox were unusually helpful for a removal company. I have used a number of removal companies over the years and this is the first time I have been driven enough to write a review. They were helpful from the very first telephone consultation- which was ideal for me as with this move, I had a lot of valuable items that needed to be transported and I was worried about them becoming damaged or even getting stolen. You hear so many horror stories these days. Anyway, they were very reassuring and it was obvious that they were very experienced and knew what they were doing. On the actual day, they arrived a little early so that they could evaluate all of the boxes and furniture, deciding in advance what should go in the van first. They were very strategic in their approach, which was very reassuring. They handled all of my things with care and respect and as a result, they arrived at the new house just as they left the old house. I am very happy with these guys and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Silver Fox Removals.

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three bedroom to one bedroom and storage 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

9th October, 2012

Like many people, the recession hit me pretty hard and I have been struggling for a while. After being made redundant, I was forced to downsize my flat- which meant moving some things into a storage unit and moving to a smaller apartment. I thought this would complicate things with the move as I needed to stop off at the storage unit and drop off certain things- which I was worried about. But they were very good. They put the things marked for storage on the van last so that they could take them off first at the storage unit. They staked the things in the storage unit as a part of the service, which I did not expect, so that was a nice surprise. Everything else arrived at my new smaller apartment safely. Nothing was missing and nothing was damaged. The boys were also very polite and friendly, which helped ease a potentially stressful situation. All in all, a very good experience, and I would call them again if I needed to move again.

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Professional service 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

24th September, 2012

Mine was not a particularly complicated move as far as moves go. It was just the contents of a one bed flat to another slightly larger one bed flat in the same area. I don't usually write reviews, but the guys were so good at their job and they went above and beyond the call of duty- so I felt compelled to write a review. Anyway, they were very well organised and handled everything with utmost care. They were also very quick and efficient. They placed my furniture and belongings strategically around the new flat so that it was easy for me to get things set up and running in the new place easily. I am very happy and would call them again myself as well as recommend them to anyone who needed to move house.

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Professional service with no stress 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

13th August, 2012

Frows Removals were very helpful and professional at all times. Their quote was very fair and they did not add on any charges. The whole move, including a stop off at a storage unit on the way took around five hours. The loading and unloading took the most amount of time. I was impressed with their professionalism and sheer drive to keep going and get he job done, with no breaks, aside from drinks and a quick snack. They were polite and were even very helpful at the storage unit, which turned out to take longer than anticipated. All of our belongings arrived safely and on time, with no damage, despite the fact that some of our furniture is very large and awkwardly shaped. Four guys really took the stress out of a potentially very stressful day. I would recommend them to anyone.

[ Complete Review ]

Nice company 5 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full

29th June, 2012

The guys at Mr Shifter were very nice people and highly professional. After finding them on Google, we spoke to someone in the office who put us at ease straight away. We felt so confident from the get go that it was like one job was done and we could focus on other aspects of the move, like ensuring our new house was ready. They did not let us down. They sent reminder text messages the day before reminding us of what time they were due at our house to start the move and another one an hour before just updating us of their status. The day itself went like clockwork. They arrived bang on time and were highly organised. Their whole approach to the move was great. I had no idea that so much time could be saved by employing some simple planning before starting to load the van. All in all, the move took around four hours. All of our things arrived at the other end on time and with absolutely no damage. I would recommend them to anyone.

[ Complete Review ]

Helpful and hard working 4 out of 5 Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty

3rd June, 2012

We chose this company for the pure reason that they were cheaper than the others, and had everything crossed that they would do a good job. Luckily, absolutely everything went well and we had no need to worry in the first place.

With no money to spare, this was literally the only choice that we had, but we were happy enough with the choice that was made.

I know that if we had to move again we would not even hesitate about making the same decision, as everything was moved with care and at a speed which meant that we had enough time left at the end of the day to get everything unpacked. Brilliant!

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